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Hash RateMHash/s
Exchange Rate$/฿
Bitcoins per Block฿
Rig Cost $
Power Consumption W
Price of Power $/kWh
Investment Period days


Hourly0.177583 1.942755
Daily4.261985 46.626112
Weekly29.833893 326.382786
Monthly127.859540 1398.783367
Annual1555.624402 17018.530960
Mining cost0.020000$/h
Net hourly profit1.922755$/h
Net daily profit46.146112$/day
Net weekly profit323.02$/week
Net monthly profit1384.38$/month
Net Annual profit16843.33$/year
Break even after10.8days
Cost to generate 1฿ (with hardware cost)0.44$
Cost to generate 1฿ (without hardware cost)0.11$
฿ generated in Investment Period1513.00฿
Money generated in Investment Period16552.27$
Net profit in Investment Period15881.87$
Time to generate one block0.2days
Blocks generated annually1555.624blocks

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